Unofficial Firmware Updates May Void Your Warranty!

Firmware/software version information of the all control units installed in a car are recorded to the online database for Volkswagen Auto Group cars like VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda etc. These informations are used to calculate parameters, codings and adaptations if any online job is requested by dealers. Most of the users do not know this and how this informations are used and they update firmwares of the control units without any online approval. This will cause "BIG" problems in future. Let's tell you how;

For example, infotainment system, it has a firmware/software version information recorded in dealer online database when it is first installed in car. This information is a base information record which will be used to calculate parameters, codings etc. in future.

If you visit dealer to activate a function (For example Full Link, App Connect, Smartlink etc.), or to fix a problem (for example sound problem or bugs) which requires online parameter load or resetting it to factory codings/adaptations, your firmware/software must match with the online record. If it does not match operation will be aborted. In this case, dealer will be unable to perform task and when they search the reason they will find out that you updated/changed firmware and this will void your warranty.

So, a firmware update must be recorded to the online database once it is performed!

Please note this is not just clearing "Check Software Version Managemet" error using XOR calculation tools.

A guy faced same situation shared his experience on this forum:


We strongly advise you to avoid installing firmwares found in forums etc. Firmware updating is a service and requires online approval.

We offer firmware update service with online approval. That's why VIN is needed to buy firmware update service. You may use our service in cofidence.

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