How to update firmware if it is not allowed to do or if you want to update all modules completely?

Some MIB system will not allow you to perform the update. Sometimes start button is grayed out, sometimes modules to be updated not defined as required.

In that case you have an option to override the settings.


You must enable "developer mode" of the MIB unit to perform this kind of upgrade. One of the OBDeleven, VCDS, VCP or Odis Engineering tools is required to enable developer mode.

Please check this page to learn how to enable developer mode of the MIB unit.


Once you enable the developer mpde you may follow the steps below:


1. Press and hold "Menu" button on your MIB screen. You will see a screen like this. Tap on "Testmode" menu:




2. Tap on "SWDL" menu there:




3. Select the empty box "Software Download Manual Download"




4. Tap on "Start Download"




5. Tap on "Update" button:




6. Select SD card as source. We recommend using SD card. But if you want to use USB you should select USB option here. USB or SD card must be FAT32 formatted and max size is 32gb.




7. It will scan the SD card (USB) and show you the detected firmware. Tap on the detected firmware name:




8. Next screen will show you a summary of the modules to be updated. Tap on "Select All" button to select all modules. The corresponding module status will change to "Y" means "Yes". Please make sure that you tapped on "Select All" and required modules turned into "Y" here. Some modules will stay "N/A". It is normal because they are not included in the firmware update.




9. When you see modules turned into "Y", tap on "Start" button




10. You will see a notification like below. Although it says it may take longer than 60 minutes, it usually takes about 30-40 minutes. if there is no problem with your external media (SD card or USB stick). Please make sure that your car's battery has enough power to cover this process. Although it is told that "do not start the engine", if your battery goes low during the update process we strongly suggest you to start engine if you do not have external power source to supply your car's battery because if power cuts off your system maybe bricked. We tested this before and we do confirm that starting engine has no negative affect on the process. If all conditions are good to go, tap on "Next" button.




11. You will see this screen and MIB device will reboot itself in update mode and start the update process.




12. When the update started screen will look like this. It will show you the process of each module and a summary of the successfully installed, skipped, couldn't be installed and remaining modules. If you get an error during the update it will show you 3 options. Retry, Ignore and Cancel. Please make sure that all files are in firmware SD card or USB stick complete and there is no problem with the SD card or USB stick and tap on retry once you check all conditions. If you get same error again and again, there maybe a problem with your MIB or the firmware you are trying to install. You may ignore the defected module and continue update if the module is not a core module. If it is your system will be rebooted in "Emergency Update Mode" and try to install all modules in emergency mode. If you stuck on that step please contact us for assistance. If everything is fine, please wait until the process is completed.

Note: If your MIB has most output and most cable not connected, you may get an error message and update will be aborted. Please check most connection in that case.




13. When the process is completed it will show you a summary of the installation process. Tap on back arrow which is on top right corner of the screen.




14. Then it will ask you to connect the diagnostic tester and confirm the installation change in "5F Infotainment" adaptations. You need to calculate new code and insert it into corresponding adaptation channel using OBDeleven, VCDS, VCP or ODIS diagnostic tools. The process is described here: Remove "Check Version Managemenet Error".

Note: You may tap on cancel at this step. In that case, your system will be rebooted and a DTC error record called "Check Software Version Management" will be generated in 5F Infotainment diagnose records. You may do same process later to remove the error code. It has no affect the system and just for information.




15. If you complete the step 14 you will see this screen. Tap on restart to use your system again with the new firmware.