Blue Screen Emergency Update Failure on MIB2 Infotainment Units

Blue "emergency" screen mostly appears if you install illegal, unauthorized or unofficial firmwares and/or if the firmware update process is interrupted and not completed as expected.

If the Blue “emergency” screen has appeared, the unit may be able to be recovered. There are 2 portions of the firmware update. The first update fixes any corrupt files that may already be in the radio. It’s possible that when the blue screen appears, a portion of the download did not fully complete.

If you are facing with blue "emergency" screen issue, VAGupdate may offer you solution.

Please send us your system information first and buy official firmware update service here:

You need to send us installed software information. This information can be accessed in system information page but if you are unable to access that screen due to blue "emergency" screen problem, you can also find required information on the sticker of infotainment head unit or in diagnostic logs.

Once you receive official firmware update from VAGupdate, you just need to insert SD card which includes official firmware files to SD1 slot of the MIB head unit. It will be automatically detected and system will be recovered within minutes.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us.

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