MIB Region Conversion Service

MIB Region Conversion Service

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MIB Region Conversion Service

Region convertion for MHI2 and MST2 units. Check your software train version to see if it is compatible or not. (Press and hold menu, select software update)

Note: Units have “ZR” and “PQ” in software train version can be converted only if navigation function is installed. (Example: MST2_EU_VW_ZR_P0363T)


  • SD card (min 4GB Class 10)
  • Windows Computer with Ethernet port.
  • D-Link DUB E-100 USB to Ethernet tool (Not required for ZR or PQ units)
  • OBD eleven, vcds-hex-v2-vagcom-enthusiast-usb-interface" target="_blank">VCDS, vcp-can-professional" target="_blank">VCP or ODIS Engineering with vas5054" target="_blank">VAS5054 to enable developer mode of the MIB.

Our team will connect remotely to your MIB and complete the conversion. Estimated work duration is 1-2 hour(s).

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