GeKo Account - 1 Month

GeKo Account - 1 Month

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Product Description

GeKo Account - 1 Month

GeKo Account for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat or Skoda.

  • Component Protection removal
  • Perform Online Coding
  • Load Parameters Online
  • Online Adaptation and Calibration
  • SVM Activations

Accessible Services:

  • PIN Service
  • PinURL_11
  • RepairHints
  • ProtoService
  • SVMService
  • eShop_URL
  • OrderProcessingURL
  • VehicleBaseURL
  • DissURL
  • SfdServer
  • ElectronicsRepairService
  • Dealer Portal

You need Odis Service Software, VAS5054 diagnostic tool, Windows 7 PC or Virtual Machine and valid VPN account to access above services and functions.

VPN will be free with GeKo account.

To buy Odis Service Software, click here,

To buy VAS5054, click vas5054" target="_blank">here.

PLEASE NOTE: This service is being provided by dealer authorization! You will receive an application form after payment. Please fill in that form and send back to us. If your application is approved you will get username and passsword. If rejected you will get refund.

The dealer who provides this service has rights to change account permissions, username or password if needed!
In this case we will update your account details. There maybe delays. All actions being done with this service are subject to our “General Terms of Business


*** Workshop info, website, social media accounts and location photos must be provided!

GeKo Account

Yes you can. We provide required softwares to work online in VAG intranet server.
  • You must have the Offboard Diagnostic Information System software installed.
  • For ElsaPro you need to login at http://portal.cpn.vwg
  • If you are working outside of dealer network, you need to have valid GeKo VPN subscription to access CPN portal. We provide VPN for free for the first month only.
  • VPN is not required for ODIS software. ODIS may connect to dealer network via internet.
GeKo (security and component protection) is a feature, which is available to users with the online connection of the Offboard Diagnostic Information System diagnostic software and allows teaching of engine immobiliser components (e.g. instrument clusters, engine control unit), keys and component protection (e.g. air conditioner, navigation, etc.) of the vehicle.
Yes. You will receive an application form and your order is subject to approval by main dealer.
Yes you can. It will be a dedicated account for you and you will have full control over your account.
The account you receive is unique and only for your usage.
No. GeKo accounts are only for your usage and cannot be shared with third parties. If we detect unusual logins from different IP addresses we may block your access. This violates our General Terms of Business and you will be unable to get any refund.
Your subscription will not be renewed automatically and your server access will be restricted. You need to order this service again.

Yes you an use elsapro with full features below:


  • Vehicle-specific documents 
  • Repair manuals 
  • Circuit diagrams 
  • Emission test 
  • Proper maintenance 
  • Digital service schedule 
  • Maintenance charts 
  • Technical servicing manual
  • Bodywork repairs 
  • Work items Individual vehicle information 
  • Repair information in PDF format
  • Print into PDF or Paper
Yes it is. But there is one default language depends on the origin of the GeKo account. So default language can be German, Spanish, English, Turkish or Chineese but you can easily change language in ElsaPro header menu and use it in your native language.
Yes PayPal and all major credit cards are accepted.

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