AMPIRE dual dashcam, 2K front camera and AHD rear camera, WiFi and GPS

AMPIRE dual dashcam, 2K front camera and AHD rear camera, WiFi and GPS

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Product Description

AMPIRE dual dashcam, 2K front camera and AHD rear camera, WiFi and GPS

Product information "AMPIRE dual dashcam, 2K front camera and AHD rear camera, WiFi and GPS"

AMPIRE Dual Dashcam DC2-PRO with high-resolution 2K (QUAD-HD) front camera, AHD rear camera and an integrated microphone for front and rear video recording with storage on an optionally available microSD card (32-128 GB). The dashcam is fully operated via a free smartphone app. An integrated GPS sensor enables position determination and speed detection. The 3D G-sensor integrated in the front camera detects accidents and automatically saves events on the microSD card. Via WiFi, you can view the recordings on your smartphone or tablet and export them for further processing. In addition, all settings can be made conveniently via the smartphone app.

Visually, the matt black DC2-PRO dashcam is very compact and unobtrusive. An LCD display and unnecessary buttons were deliberately omitted. Installed behind the interior mirror, the front camera is hardly noticeable. The rear camera can be used to monitor the passenger compartment or rear traffic.


  • 143° wide-angle lens, diagonal (front)
  • 2844x1600 pixel 5MP resolution (front)
  • 30fps frame rate (front)
  • Integrated GPS receiver for positioning
  • Integrated 3-axis G-Force sensor (adjustable)
  • Integrated WiFi for control with smartphone
  • Mini-USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interfaces
  • Storage on optional microSD card (Class 10)
  • Voltage stabilisation via super capacitor
  • Integrated microphone for sound recording (can be switched off)
  • German/English voice messages (can be switched off)
  • Parking mode (can be switched off)

Scope of delivery

  • 1x front camera with integrated GPS receiver
  • 1x AHD rear camera
  • 1x ACC2 power supply unit with voltage monitoring and switch-off delay
  • 1x 8m connection cable to rear camera
  • 1x Operating instructions DEU/ENG
  • 1x CE Declaration of Conformity DEU/ENG

Technical data front dashcam

  • Viewing angle front camera: D:143°
  • Image sensor front camera: SONY IMX335
  • Resolution front camera: 2844x1600 pixels (5MP)
  • Lens front camera: 6G-1R, F1.9
  • Frame rate front camera: 30 FPS
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 format
  • Front dimensions: 36 x 41 x 95 mm (W x H x L)

Technical data rear dashcam

  • Image sensor rear camera: AHD GC2053
  • Resolution rear camera: 1920x1080 pixels (2MP)
  • Frame rate rear camera: 25 FPS
  • Image ratio: 16:9 format
  • Dimensions rear camera: 36 x 37 x 63 mm (W x H x L)

Technical data of the system

  • Operating temperature: -20° C ~ +70° C
  • Flash memory: 8 Mbytes
  • Power consumption 610mA (boot time)
  • Power consumption 470mA (Operation)
  • Duration to start recording ~8 sec.

Technical data power supply unit

  • Adjustable switch-off voltage 11.6/11.9/12.2/12.5 volts (car) or 23.6/23.9/24.2/24.5 volts (truck)
  • Adjustable switch-off time after: 1h, 2h, 4h, 6h, 12h, 24h and permanent
  • Operating voltage 12 or 24 volts DC
  • Max. Input current 2000mA@12 VDC, 1000mA@24VDC
  • Output connector MINI-USB
  • Output voltage 5 Volt, 2A
  • Dimensions 60 x 26 x 18mm
  • Storage temperature -20°C to 85°C at 0-90% RH
  • Working temperature -10°C to 60°C
  • Fuse 2A/30V
  • Efficiency 85%

Smartphone App

The following languages are supported by the AMPIRE DC2 app for this dashcam: English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Estonian, Greek, Latvian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Czech, Ukrainian.

PC App

To view the downloaded videos on a PC, we recommend the free VLC video player. Some Windows video players do not output sound.

Note on the fixed-mounted power supply unit

The fixed-mount power supply unit (article no. ACC2) for the DC2-PRO dashcam enables the so-called parking space mode. When parking mode is activated, the dashcam remains switched on and "guards" your vehicle even when the ignition is switched off. To avoid draining the starter battery, the ACC2 automatically switches off the dashcam at an adjustable voltage or after an adjustable time. The final switch-off takes place 5 minutes after the undervoltage has been reached.

Legal notice

What is allowed and what is not:

Important note on installation

The GPS antenna integrated in the dashcam requires free reception to the GPS satellites in order to be able to calculate a position or speed. Windscreens with insulating glass have an infrared-reflecting metallic coating. In such vehicles, position the dashcam in the communication window provided for this purpose in most vehicles, which allows GPS reception. You will find more detailed information on this in the car's operating instructions.

Product group: Park assist and camera systems

Product type: Complete kit

Weight (in kg): 0.561

EAN: 4260052640517


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