Skoda Genuine Smartlink Activation 000054830A

Skoda Genuine Smartlink Activation 000054830A

Brand: Skoda
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skoda smartlink activation 000054830A

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Skoda Genuine Smartlink Activation 000054830A

Skoda Smart Link Activation

This service activates your smart link function in Skoda infotainment system. We will connect your car and enable smart link function by using official activation codes.
No need to go to dealer and leave your car or pay much more fees. Please check requirements below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the process:


  • vas5054" target="_blank">VAS5054 diagnostic tool
  • A computer with wifi internet connection
  • Teamviewer remote control app

Activation is done by inserting official activation codes inside the unit. There is no expiration date for the functions. Lifetime warranty. Recorded to your VIN.

We connect your PC via teamviewer and do the work. You can download teamviewer on:

For other functions like voice control, navigation, sport menu etc. please check other products in “Services” category.

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