GeKo One Time Login

GeKo One Time Login

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Product Description

GeKo One Time Login

ODIS one time login service to do any online work such as component protection removal, online coding and adapting control units, immobiliser adaptations etc.

We connect your computer via TeamViewer and perform login. Price is for one login only. If more logins needed there maybe extra charges.

If task or computer changes you need to buy another login service.

GeKo One Time Login

GeKo (security and component protection) is a feature, which is available to users with the online connection of the Offboard Diagnostic Information System diagnostic software and allows teaching of engine immobiliser components (e.g. instrument clusters, engine control unit), keys and component protection (e.g. air conditioner, navigation, etc.) of the vehicle.

This service will allow you to enter GeKo login unlimited time for 1 hour. Time will start after first usage. You can do your jon in 1 hour. If you need more you need to order this service again.

Yes PayPal and all major credit cards are accepted.

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